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Wall Stickers

An Affordable, Moveable, Non-Damaging Way to Decorate!

The wall decals and sticker section displays all of my aquatic digital artwork. I have partnered with ltlprints.com to allow you to custom build your own underwater wall mural. I have tried to cover as many types of fish as possible, including angelfish, clownfish,butterfly fish and tangs.

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How Does It Work:

1. Watch the how to video

2. Go to my design gallery

3. Choose a print size and add fish!

How much is it?
Print sheet prices range between $39.95 – $164.95 (what ltlprints gets). Per fish price is $2 – $3 (what I get). Expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $300. Much, much cheaper than a mural would cost.

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  • Movable Art

Angelfish are the kings and queens of the reefs as well as aquariums. They have bright colors, intricate patterns and lively personalities. They can be found in a variety of sizes with some species reaching lengths of 2 feet. Most interestingly, several species have completely different coloration and patterns in their juvenile and adult forms.


Butterflyfish, have flashy colors and intricate designs. Many butterfly fish have stripes as well as fake eye spots near their tail to confuse predators. They are difficult fish to keep in an aquarium and do not do well in reef tanks as they nip at corals.


Clownfish are the most recognizable fish in the sea, with much help from the popular film finding nemo. Also known as anemonefish, are found along with their anemone hosts in reefs throughout the world. They do well in aquariums and are one of the few fish that can be bred by aquarists. They prefer to live in pairs and can change their sex.

Tangs & Surgeon Fish

Tangs are found in coral reefs all around the world. Tangs are herbivores and feed on algae and other plant life. They like to school which provides for a beautiful scene. Tangs come in all sizes, growing to 6 inches and the largest reaching over 2 feet. They are popular for reef aquariums as they help keep algae under control.


Triggerfish have a very comical unique look. They are diamond/oval shaped fish with a unique dorsal fin. Most apparent are their large teeth which are use for crushing stony corals and rocks. Few can be kept in an aquarium but they are still popular for fish only aquariums.


Wrasses are some of the most eye-catching fish in the sea. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors and exhibit interesting behaviors like burying themselves in the sand. Wrasses are common among reefs in the ocean, and hobbyists in the aquarium trade love to keep them in their tanks.