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Reef News

I like to follow various reef blogs around the web and this page shows updated postings of some of my favorites. I encourage you to visit some of the to learn about reefkeeping, ocean conservation, and anything related to the big blue expanse that surrounds us.

Frag’d It – Vlad Beric is an avid reefer and blogger who like to talk about pretty much anything and everything related to reefkeeping. I his own words, “I am an egotistical maniac, who is on a mission to collect the rarest corals in the world…”

Oceana News – A team of marine scientists, economists, lawyers and advocates that win specific and concrete policy changes to reduce pollution and to prevent the irreversible collapse of fish populations, marine mammals and other sea life.

Super-Fish – Aquarium news and discussions on corals, invertebrates, fish, nano reefs, and aquarium products.

Marine Depot Blog – Aquariums. Hobbyists. Commentary. The inside scoop on the company and the marine and reef aquarium hobby.

Stonyreef.com – A blog with some great posts on fish, fish art and other wildlife things.

Morphologic – Morphologic is a scientific art endeavor led by marine biologist Colin Foord and designer Jared McKay. With the aquarium as their primary medium, they explore the artistic possibilities of living coral reef organisms in an educational manner.

My Coral Adventures – Eddie Hanson is a 39 years old reefer from Indonesia. Currently he is an exporter of marine fish and corals for the aquarium trade. Hismain reason for creating a blog is to educate and inform fellow reefers of the activities behind the scenes of collection, acclimation, and transport of marine fish and corals in the aquarium trade.

The Art Inquirer – Jose is an artist from Lisbon who is interested in sharing art related articles and resources. From posts on news of classic artists to interviews with current artists, Jose’s blog covers a great range of art topics.