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Demo Video for Wall Stickers

[flash http://www.viddler.com/player/843971b7 preview={http://johnstires.com/wp-content/gallery/pubic/ltl-example_1.jpg} linktext={http://johnstires.com/wp-content/gallery/pubic/ltl-example_1.jpg} mode=3]

The folks over at LTL Prints have put together a little video demo on how to set up a print for wall stickers. The demo explains how you can easily select the size of your print and select the image you want to print. The great thing about this process is that you can add as many or as few images to a sheet as you would like.

It costs $2-3 per image that I have created so if you choose 10 images it’s only $20-30, no matter what size image you choose. I have designed these image to scale to an infinite size so they will fit upon the largest sheet LTL has to offer (82″x52″).

I’ll be adding some more images soon, including full reefscapes for backgrounds so keep an eye out. And as always if you don’t see something that you want I’ll create it and upload it to LTL for free. Just Contact me.

View some of my decal artwork and see what combos you can create for your mural!


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