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Scolymia Coral (LPS) Ocean Painting

I finished a new painting this weekend. It is of a Scolymia Coral. Scolymia Corals are large polyp stony corals (LPS) and come in a range of different colors. All corals have some sort of polyp structure with a mouth and stingers (with nematocysts) that catch food. LPS corals have very apparent polyps and this painting shows the structure of one of those polyps. Most Scolymia Corals are found in single polyp forms on the bottom of ocean floors. Aquarium keepers around the globe will spend hundreds of dollars on these types of corals since they are very attractive and colorful.

The painting I did show what a Scolymia Coral looks like during the day. They are nighttime feeders and when the sun goes down (or aquarium lights go off) they turn seemingly inside out and expose their tentacles to feed. I am in the middle of a few more LPS coral paintings so keep an eye on my Ocean Paintings Gallery for more.


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