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Beautiful Art from The Ocean – Morphologic Studios

Morphologic Art

Morphologic Art

If you keep up with my reef news page, which collects blog posts and stories from some of my blog buddies, you’ll recognize the sea spider shown here as a recent post from Morphologic Studios. Here’s a little bio of Morphologic Studios from the men behind the science/art, biologist Colin Foord and designer Jared McKay:

“With the aquarium as our primary medium, we explore the artistic possibilities of living coral reef organisms in an educational manner. Our laboratory/studio is a state certified aquaculture facility perpetuating marine life within the confines of downtown Miami.

Our installations create fluorescent new worlds with a juxtaposition of urban environments; the city and the reef. Through a variety of multimedia experiences, we provide public and private installations designed to stoke the imagination with a marriage of art and science.”

I’ve always thought that aquariums, if aquascaped properly would make beautiful pieces of art. These guys take it to the next level, creating unique techno-aquatic environments. One of my favorite pictures is of a mountain of zoanthus sp.

They are located in the Florida area so if you get a chance check out one of their installations.


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