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Ocean Art by Marcelo Tatsuyoshi Kato

A few months ago I came across a wonderful ocean artist named Marcelo Tatsuyoshi Kato. He does stunning paper sculptures of fish in the sea. His work has an amazing texture and simple beauty that instantly draws me in.

Every once in a while I spend some time scouring the internet to see what artists are doing in the world of under the sea paintings, and mostly I come across fish artwork that does not appeal to me. Marcelo’s work fascinates me. First of all, his composition is whimsical and playful. Marcelo does not like to copy the living world so through his work he creates his own, called Marcelost World. The second thing I like is that he uses paper as a medium, an ironic choice for a subject that soaks and quickly destroys paper. Finally I love the movement he creates with his work.

Take a look at his gallery on Etsy or download his wallpaper. It will definitely brighten your day.


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  1. April 10th, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    stonyreef says:

    Wow – that “Mermaid Dream Paper Cut giclee print” on the Etsy link you posted is great! I don’t have any personally, but the design style might make for a very cool tattoo. I love those cuts, the detail is just great.

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