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False Percula Clownfish in Frogspawn Coral Painting Complete

Before I had shoulder surgery, I wanted to make sure that I was able to finish my clownfish in frogspawn coral painting. If you read my last two posts on this painting (Work in Progress: Clownfish and Frogspawn Coral and Trying to Get a Painting Just Right) you’ll remember that I was having some trouble getting the frogspawn coral right. I got some great help fromĀ  people over at wetcanvas.com. It’s funny, I have found corals and anemones to be much more difficult to paint than fish. There is a certain shape, color and fluorescence that is difficult to convey with corals. But I am working on it and feel that I represented the coral well.

The female clownfish is the highlight of the piece with the male tucked away in the coral. In aquariums, clownfish will host pretty much anything and it is common for them to pick a large polyp stony (LPS) coral to host if an anemone is not present. Clowns have been known to readily host rocks, coffee cups, and even corners of an aquarium. Clowns need a home base and they will pick out any identifiable landmark. I have 2 false percula clownfish in my aquarium and they used to host in a huge colony of frogspawn corals. They loved it until I introduced a couple of red bubble tip anemones (RBTAs) to the aquarium. Then they instantly took to those. It was pretty cool to witness. Keep an eye out for more clownfish paintings once my shoulder heals. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this painting.


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