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Work in Progress: Clownfish and Frogspawn Coral

I want to continually post to my blog to show some of the work that is in progress. This photo is of a female clownfish darting out of a frogspawn coral. It is a closeup of a much larger piece. The entire peice is 24″x48″ and is my first foray into a larger more polished work. Up until now I’ve been mainly playing around, getting some ideas out and exploring oil paints, to which honestly I don’t know much about. Most of what I do is experimental, and while I am learning alot, I’m sure there is much much more to learn. I’m very happy that I was able to get the texture of the scales, that really tied it all together for me. Hopefully will have the entire piece done by the weekend. Keep an eye out!


Ocean Paintings Site Will be Live Soon

I just installed a version of WordPress and am in the process of building my website. This website will be displaying all my artwork that revolves around the oceans, fish, corals and other interesting creatures of the deep. My focus will be on the form, function, beauty and personalities of marine life. All paintings will be done in oil and most are on canvas. I look forward to sharing my work with you.  Click on the galleries link to see how the artwork will be displayed.